Cuisine in Cambodia,Cambodian Etiquette, Art and Crafts in Cambodi
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Cuisine in Cambodia


amthuc.jpgThe Cuisine in Cambodia can be well related to the Southeast Asian delicacies which taste somewhat like the present Thai cuisines. It is said that the Khmer cuisines are relatively superior and fresh than the Thai food. It is believed several Khmer connoisseurs were killed during the regime of Khmer Rouge. Today, very few natives in Cambodia know about the actual cooking procedures of the Khmer cuisines.



Fish sauce is an important ingredient in the Cambodian Cuisines which is commonly served in soups, stirred fried cuisine, and even as dippings. The Cuisine in Cambodia is highly influenced from the Chinese delicacy as witnessed by the variation of rice noodles that are consumed by the natives. The Chinese settlers brought in a popular dish of beef noodle soup called as kuytheav , within the region. The curry dish of “Kari” seems to have been derived from the Indian cuisines.


With the use of prahok, a type of fermented fish paste in most of the food in Cambodia that makes the native cuisine quite distinctive from the rest. Kapik, the fermented shrimp paste, coconut milk are even widely used is most of the Cuisine in Cambodia.


Cuisines are an important aspect as far as the culture of Cambodia is concerned. Some of the famous Cuisines in Cambodia are Amok (fish in a thick coconut milk curry which is steamed and wrapped in banana leaves), Babar (rice porridge served with chicken or pork), Banh chiao (yellow-colored crepe stuffed with bean sprouts and meat), Nom Banhchok (Noodles along with a soup comprised of grounded fish and lemon grass) and many others.

The dried salted fish which is popular as trei ngeat are quite accepted in Cambodia. It is usually accompanied with plain rice porridge. Pork is usually used for making sweet Khmer sausages which are known as twah ko in the region. Beef and chicken are generally stewed, grilled or stir fried. Duck roasted in Chinese char siu fashion is one of the main Cuisine in Cambodia which is usually feasted during the festival time.

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